Our family has always been inspired by art and creating. I am inspired most by the things in life that I cherish most. From my children - the hopes, dreams, and values I want to instill in them as they grow into beautiful young people - to my husband and his career in the United States Navy. I am inspired by the dedication of our military men and women and their families and I am proud to be among them doing my best to support my sailor. This past year I have also been inspired by his cancer diagnosis as I watch him fight this battle with a terrible disease even though only experimental treatments are available to us. And of course life on the farm with its simple civility, humanity and ability to show us that life is still beautiful and good and inspiring. I try and channel these things through each item I create in hopes that it will be meaningful to my customers as well. Custom work is my specialty. I continue to learn new styles and techniques and I love to experiment. I will always try something new at least once.

If you have any questions about my items or are looking for something custom please let me know. My goal is for my customers to be completely satisfied with the items they purchase and to know how much it means for them to support a small business like ours.


​The Trout Family

This is how I came up with the name Country Craftin' because it represents some of the rural values that I hold so near and dear to my heart; community, tradition, and hard-work among them. I feel like using my farm background has given me the drive for hard work, and I learned the traditional values of working with my hands from a very young age. It was also a family tradition to make many of our gifts for teachers and friends growing up, so I learned the value (and fascinating addiction) that crafting can offer from a young age. I want to pass that on to my children, and my 6 year old has already learned that even small scraps of fabric or the tubes from deco mesh rolls can turn into something beautiful later (and she scavenges them and puts them with her already well formed "stash"). I love to see the looks on people's faces, or just hear how happy they were with a purchase, and seeing my creations on display whether at businesses around town or through pictures received from customers is always a joy. 

About Us - Under Construction

Why should you purchase from us?  We are a family-based business. I buy many of my supplies from other family-based Etsy shops and local small businesses. So you know with your purchase you are helping many small businesses. I also use as much re-claimed lumber and repurposed materials as I possibly can which helps our environment. Every one of my items are unique and custom. We also utilize non-toxic supplies whenever possible. This is what I do for a living, all while juggling a family of three young children and my small dairy goat farm, but I enjoy every minute of it! I take each order to heart. I want you to open your package and love it! 

Country Craftin'